The Super Times app launches


It's gone through several names and versions - but this is The One: The Super Times is an app that curates podcasts like a personalised radio station; and one with a human touch as well.

I was involved a couple of years ago, when its founders Abdel and Aisha were starting out. Back then it was called and it had a team of curators that created playlists based on subject matter, mood and a little artistic licence.

A lot of that remains in this new, app-based incarnation. The Super Times feeds you intelligent programmes from across the English-speaking world. Like Stitcher, some have neat catagories like 'Brain-Bending' and 'Zeitgeist.'

But what really marks it out is the subscription content. 'The best, hand-picked, thought-provoking conversations for you each week.' This is their USP - the human touch. Not just algorithms, but actual people picking out great content.

Give it a try. You can get a 6 month subscription for just £1.99... and if you're wondering why you should pay, consder this from their FAQs:

'It's also important to the two humans that built The Super Times to be directly liable to you and the best way for this to happen is for you to pay us and be our customers. We'd rather NOT sell your status as a user to the Vogons or try and cross-sell you salt air treatments!'

Wise words indeed.