Hackney Hear wins Prix Europa


Wow, what an honour. When Fran Panetta, Lucy Greenwell and I sat down two years ago to start planning Hackney Hear, I don't think any of us thought it would ever have such a big impact. Last Friday, Fran represented the team and presented the project to a group of judges from across Europe (if you're new to Hackney Hear, this video gives you a good idea of what it's about). Just a few hours later, the news came back we'd won this:

Well done to the whole Hackney Hear team - many of whom worked for free to build it - including, but not limited to, and in no particular order...

Alex Butterworth and the coders at Amblr

Xavier Zapata

Mike Brooks

Kirsty McQuire

Lucy Greenwell

Iain Chambers

Benjamin Davies

Katy Beale

Sam Bonham

Hannah Partington

Ceryl Evans

Duncan Ray

John Rosling and British Pathe

Elisha Sessions

Estela Oliva and Carmen Salas Pino at Alpha-ville Festival

Becky Lyon

Hector Proud

Anna Muir

Vivienne Perry

Katy Palmer

Ben Fawkes and Soundcloud

David Edwards at Sony

Kaffe Matthews

Shane Solanki

Faye Peacock

Joanna Badaude

Shehani Fernando

Sam Renwick

Lemn Sissay

Michael Rosen

Ben Cave

Emily Webber

Dan Perkins

Claire Ptak

Iain Sinclair

Seb Emina

Nina Garthwaite

Steve Finbow

Chris Wood

Emily Jost

Bob Cooke

James Meek

Tom Hunter

Frank Burnet

George Hill

Hakan Silasizoglu

Patti Holloway

Raymond Antrobus

Simon Kutz

Jen Adamthwaite

Sofia Salshanha

Alex Hocking

Annalies Winny

Jane Westlake

... and the many, many more supporters and contributors to the project. When it seemed like we'd never get the funding together, you helped keep the idea alive. Thank you.