Talking Football


It's been a busy month, what with the delivery of ten episodes of a new series for CBeebies, Media Talk, the BAFTA podcast and of course Spark London. But today I'll share with you my most recent job, Football Weekly. It's the number one destination for footie fans in the UK, with (estimates here, data hard to pin down) around 500,000 downloads a week. Football Weekly Grab

I'm covering Producer Ben (Green) for the next ten days and it's always impressed me how fun the programme is to make, even after five years. The listeners really enjoy it (it's one of the only pages on the Guardian that has overwhelmingly positive comments every week) and James 'AC Jimbo' Richardson holds it all together with panache and the odd pun.

Not one for those uninterested in sport - but if you've never listened to a podcast and love football, this is the place to start.