Authors at Foyles


It's often struck me how many free events go on in London every night that could be very easily recorded. Well it's something I put to the fine people of Foyles in the spring when I was recording an interview with them for Soho Stories. They have regular Q&As and signings with famous authors - why not share the results on the net? Michael Palin talking at Foyles in July 2012

Spin forward six months, and we have the first five instalments of Authors at Foyles - a resource for readers to hear from their favourite writers on their latest works.

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It's important to stress that podcasting doesn't have to cost the earth; Foyles were already recording the events. I've simply topped, tailed and smoothed them out.

It's also available as a podcast  (this one opens iTunes) - though with the eclectic mix of authors and styles, listening every week may be too much for all but the most ardent booklovers. I predict it'll become a useful tool for academics and the fans of individual  authors - exactly the audience Foyles are looking to attract.