Ideas Trump Glamour: BAFTA Podcast at the Film Awards


It was almost inevitable that we'd end up doing something a little special in awards month - and so it was that I spent last Saturday at BAFTA HQ, recording a show on location with the great and good of the film industry. Presenter Dave Green in conversation with BAFTA-nominated make-up artist Lois Burwell.

But this was not your 'red carpet' affair, oh no. Audio doesn't do glamour - we do inspiration. Ignoring the stars, we spoke exclusively to the nominated design teams behind Lincoln, Django Unchained, The Dark Knight Rises and Les Misérables.

It was a coffee-infused day: ten interviews, recorded back-to-back, edited overnight and then published the morning of the awards. As such, some of that coffee ends up featuring in the background (I now imagine the whole thing in black and white) and in the script, with references threaded through.

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It's well worth a listen, particularly for the last five minutes where I've stitched together advice from each of our guests. If you're the kind of person that leaves as soon as the credits roll, this might help you stay in your seat a little longer...