Soho Stories gets an update, courtesy of Steve Coogan


You'll see a few billboards with Steve Coogan's face on in the coming weeks, as The Look of Love is released in the UK - and I've been playing a part in promoting it. Coogan, as Paul Raymond in The Look of Love

The film centres on one of the landmarks of Soho - Raymond's Revue Bar - and so the film's distributors STUDIOCANAL approached the National Trust to create an update of the award-winning Soho Stories app. Having made the original, they asked me and the Phantom Productions team to come in and make it happen.

You can read about the original project here - but in a nutshell, it's an audio walking tour where your phone guides you through the streets via GPS. It knows where you are and plays a story about that place/building/skip.

No photoshop - that's actually his hair.

So for the update there's clips from the film, a bit of archive of club owner Paul Raymond and a new interview with his biographer, Paul Willetts. It's great to be able to go back and revise the app after a year away - Raymond's impact on Soho can't be underestimated and we're fortune to have the chance to spend more time telling his story.

If you've yet to try it, it's available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

And if you have it already... now's the time to get out and walk the streets. What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring?