Broadcast: Talking TV podcast


A new podcast is born - Broadcast magazine is the trade press for the television industry, covering the trials and tribulations of broadcasters and indies in the UK. [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

I was approached last month to produce a fortnightly programme that took in the news highlights from the latest edition of the magazine, combined with a 10 min interview with a prominent TV producer of the moment and previews of two new TV shows.

Now, you may think that there was some serious crossover with the Guardian's Media Talk podcast, but they couldn't be more different - and in a good way. Media Talk's strength is its broadness; it's a digest of all media - print, digital, tv and radio - a one-stop shop for the week's media news.

But Talking TV has the time to focus in on this one industry, explore a TV production in depth and get a sense of what a producer or director is doing on a day-to-day basis. In reality, it's like a bridge between Media Talk and the BAFTA podcast (which is specifically about training).

And as I produce all three series, you can guarantee there won't be any crossover: otherwise I'd get very bored very quickly...

So please take a listen to Talking TV #2 - and if you like, you can subscribe here.

Oh - and one last thing: not only is there a 30min podcast, but each section is also available to listen to separately; so the time-poor folk in TV land can skip to the section that interests them, like below.

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