Numbers, 10 years on


Forgive the sentimentality, but it was ten years ago today that I launched my first podcast. It was called rethinkdaily (the name was to do with being in your twenties and not quite sure what your plans were) and was, frankly, not the best use of the medium. The overly ambitious idea was to launch an episode a day - daily, you see - with lots of different genres going down the same pipe: drama, comedy, a travelogue... What I hadn't realised was I'd created a little network rather than a podcast, and with a little finessing it could have been five separate shows.

No matter. The real reason for doing it was I wanted to create a drama serial, for people of my age. Not a particularly BBC-friendly idea, so that left the wild west of podcasting.

Numbers featured many of the great people I'd work with in theatre: my friend and long-time collaborator Dave Pickering, as well as the brilliant Kerrie Fairclough, Steve Hall and about 15 other cast members and musicians.

The story revolves around that classic 20-something, the call-centre operator. Sam (Fairclough) is frustrated with this dead-end life... but she's more trapped than she realises.


The first series was recorded during 2007 in an attic in Chiswick, which I shared with my very understanding flatmate, under duvets and with recording kit I'd cobbled together from various theatre gigs. And I loved every minute of it.

Season two was recorded after hours at Goldsmiths College, where I was taking a one-year course in radio.

Twenty episodes and a Sony nomination later, it was the project that got me into the radio industry - and cemented my love of podcasting.

I'm still really proud of the series - so much so I'm going to re-release the whole thing over the coming weeks. You can subscribe here.

And yes: it will be going out weekly.


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