The Beenypod is here!

MATT WRITES: over the past few months Lucy Dearlove and I have been working with Sarah Beeny to produce her brand-new podcast series. It's called Round The Houses with Sarah Beeny (though in our hearts its still called it's working title, #Beenypod), and involves Sarah exploring the houses of famous friends and other interesting folk. This week it all kicks off with Julian Clary, who bought and renovated the house where Noel Coward wrote some of his most famous songs.

As with a lot of Rethink's work, we recorded on location. But this wasn't the traditional sit-down-for-a-cuppa scenario: Sarah and guests would walk from room to room, creeping through secret doors and climbing tight staircases. So taking inspiration from our work on Walking The Dog, we brought along some tie-clip radio mics to ensure we captured all the rummaging.

Just as fun was the afternoon I spent with Sarah's teenage sons, #Beenyband, who composed the music for the show under father Graham's approving ear. It's gloriously ramshackle and means the podcast is a thoroughly family affair: those little human touches that I think show how human the podcast medium is.

Next time we hear current Strictly favourite - and YouTube megastar - Joe Sugg take us round his London pad. And we've only just begun! Expect more great guests and fascinating stories in the weeks to come...

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