Mary Portas: the exception to the rule

Usually when a client asks for their new podcast to sound like This American Life, there’s a bit of expectation management to do (they have, after all, about twenty full time staff working on a weekly 60min show).

But when Mary Portas made that request, she knew what she was doing.

Mary, it transpires, can weave a yarn. And from the first recording session we had together the stories came thick and fast. So much so that we’ve been spoilt for choice on how to start each episode.

Now I’m not saying that Work Like A Woman is just like This American Life - but I think the way each episode opens has that quality: you leap straight into a story as soon as you hit ‘play’. The music is cinematic, and scores the story beats. Ultimately, we want to transport you out of wherever you are an into Mary’s shoes.

After that, it unfolds into a magazine show, with Mary’s take on the week’s business news, an interview with an inspiring guest, and then we end on a thoughtful quote to get you pepped up for your working week.

Episode one dropped this morning, and we’ll have new episodes weekly.