Soho Stories App launches tomorrow


I've been working with the National Trust to create a geo-triggered history of Soho called Soho Stories. It came off the back of Hackney Hear and is the first commercial project that Lucy Greenwell, Fran Panetta and I have produced as Phantom Productions.

Tomorrow is the big launch in Soho Square, with Spark London host Radcliffe Royds introducing some of the people featured in the app - in fact, they'll be there from 1pm every day this week. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice.

Calvium are our new coders and have brought a whole heap of new features to the geo-table, including:

  • a 'Virtual Mode' - users can select some stories off-site
  • an Android version
  • 'Hidden' speech that can be stumbled upon on some streets (including a lovely Easter Egg near Cambridge Circus)

Give it a go now - download from iTunes or the Google Play store for free.

Oh, and use the email form in the app to tell the National Trust how good it is - we may be invited to make more...