What Kit Do We Use?

If you’re looking to start a podcast, and like what we do with sound, here’s the equipment you’ll need.



The mic of choice at Rethink is the Beyerdynamic M58. We use them for almost all the shows you’ll hear us produce.

As the quintessential reporter’s mic, it’s pretty difficult to use badly. Just keep it nice a close to the speaking hole (‘mouth’).

You’ll also need a 1.5m XLR cable for each mic.



There’s a few out there now, and for many years the king was the Marantz PMD661 range. It has two mic inputs which covers most interview shows, and a ‘stereo in’ so you can plug it into a mixer (for additional mics).

These days Matt uses a Sound Devices Mix-pre3, partly because it has an extra input but mostly because Transom said it was good. Transom are great for product reviews btw.


Other bits to consider:

  • multiple headphone splitter; really essential when having Skype guests

  • mixer - for roundtable podcasts, it’s good to have a few more mic inputs. We prefer the analogue ones but this one also got our attention.