Guardian Media Talk - end of an era


Changes at the Guardian, and the Media Talk podcast has got to go. Back in 2006, Media Talk was the first podcast I listened to as a podcast ­- instead of manually 'save­ as'­-ing dozens of, say, Adam and Joe shows ­- and Matt Wells, Steve Hewitt, Emily Bell, James Robinson and John Plunkett guided me and many others through a rapidly changing media landscape.

It has been an absolute pleasure to produce the last two years with John, and in many ways it's been the most exciting time: we've had the News of the World closure, multiple disasters at the BBC and the rise of Sky as a commissioning powerhouse. And that couldn't have happened without the insight of contributors such as Lisa Campbell, Helen Zaltzman, Stig Abell, Roy Greenslade, Olly Mann, Sam Delaney, Matt Deegan, Paul Robinson, Maggie Brown, Mark Sweney, Steve Ackerman... and of course, presenter John Plunkett.

There's still a couple of shows left to make at the Guardian (we'll finish there at the end of May) so if there's any guests in particular you'd like to hear from, please suggest in the comments. We aim to go out with a bang.

Of course, it doesn't have to end this way. There's still thousands of media professionals hungry for an independent talking shop. If you think you might be able to support a new venture, please get in touch.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the tweets and comments; I've included a few below. Also, I neglected to mention the invaluable contributions of original producer Ben Green, plus contributors Josh Halliday, Gareth McLean, Lis Howell, Vicky Frost, Rebecca Nicholson... oh, there are lots. You know who they are.