A Little Wimbledon nostalgia


As Murray attempts to make history today, I can't help but think of this time last year when I was last working at the tournament.

Radio Wimbledon started as an RSL back in the 90s and had found a far bigger audience online than it ever could in the local area. By 2011, they had an unofficial listenership of 2.5m through computers and Wimbledon's official iPhone app.

The company that produced the station lost the tender this year to IMG (both made strong proposals going forward, but IMG offered video services as well - it seems the seduction of visuals is never far away from radio) but I have fond memories of the crew and commentary teams.

Here's the final programme I produced there in 2011 - it was the men's final and features that old classic of sports radio: the montage to a Popular Song of Our Time.

[audio http://media.wimbledon.com/podcast/2011_WIMBLEDONDAILY_PODCAST_DAY13.mp3]

David Garrett was the rather excellent presenter and the station manager was Stephen Butterick. Watch out for some quirky 'late night' features including The Booth...