Chris Moyles out, Nick Grimshaw in


These are great times to be producing a media podcast. Leveson is turning press regulation on its head and Twitter is giving the courts a real headache - should it be treated the same as a publisher? What happens when a footballer - with more followers than the Guardian has readers - offers comment on an ongoing court case?

And then there's the radio industry. A tricky tightrope for me, where bridges can be burnt with future employers very easily. Thankfully, there are fewer employers these days to worry about as the industry becomes dominated by three major players: the BBC, Global and Bauer (yes, there is Absolute and UTV, but give it time...)

I digress. This week's programme was a pleasure to work on. It's not very often that Radio 1 changes its breakfast presenter - and wouldn't we all like to be station manager for the day?

Here's the show. Hugh does a great job sitting in again for a poorly Plunkett. Paul Robinson and Dan Sabbagh do the pundit duties.

Media Talk: Moyles out, Grimmy in